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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 27, 2015 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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it's a video of two little boys playing in a mall. how a two years old survives when the danger escalates. why he likes his bike well done. it's the latest video from a 13-year-old we first met whe she was 11. news about her journey through the big
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time. >> it's amazing. plus how not to master the mechanical bull and why the charlie challenges. >> the number one trend world wide on twitter. >> see what has people screaming like demons. >> two little boys running through a mall in china. this video should serve as a warning to parents. you got to pay attention to your kids out in public. what you have here 7-year-old big brother. the 7-year-old doesn't have a problem. the 2-year-old has trouble. i want everybody to know the little boy survived what's about to happen to him. here you see him near the
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handle. he doesn't go down the escalator. watch what happens to him. the handle yanks him up. he was motionless and rushed to the hospital. he suffered several fractures. the dras say he's going to be okay. that goes to show you the power of an escalator. it was able just the hand rail to lift this little boy off and he rolls off and falls. you have to watch your kid when you're in a place like this because something like this could happen. >> technology is fascinating. you can accidentally end up with
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a viral video like this guy. this fellow has a selfie going. he's excited he's on a boat and they're having a good time. he doesn't listen to his i'm gasia mikaelian in the ktvu newsroom with an update to breaking news we have been following all afternoon long. a hostage situation under way in antioch has ended moments ago we have video of the suspect being taken away by officers. you can see here that man on
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the grounds with the officer securing his hands behind him. this is the man who started the attempted carjacking. a chp officer fired at the suspect. this suspect then ran into the arco gas station and was holed up in there with two other hostages were more than three hours starting right around 1:30. the male described as a male with long heiress being led away by officers. this happened just minutes ago. prior to that arrest, we saw the second hostage coming out. that hostage is just find, we are happy to report. he moments ago, we saw the first hostage walk out and that first person was also okay. we are taking you back live over the scene. sky fox is bringing us live pictures once again. remember, we put these pictures on hold, because of the developing situation we didn't want to compromise anything
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that police were doing. ski fox showing us that police officers are still on the scene. even though the suspect is in custody and two hostages are free, there is an awful lot of police procedural things to be done. this is just south of highway 4 near buchanan road. this is going to be locked up for a while because, at this point, the investigation is just beginning. the good news to report tonight is that this situation ended peacefully. we were showing you a number of police officers with their guns drawn, s.w.a.t. vehicles, none of that was needed, to our knowledge. we are showing you here pictures taken by one of our ktvu crews just about 40 minutes ago. the man in the suspendsers in the white shirt walking next to police officers was the first of two hostages released by the gunman this afternoon. this picture bears out exactly what the reporter on the scene was telling us. he says that the man appeared to be just fine, refused
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medical treatment there on the scene. police department, a couple of miles away from the arco gas station where the situation was unfolding, that man was taken to the police departments, will be debriefed by police officers and he will tell them what he knows. sky fox back live now over the situation. the good news is that the hostage situation has ended peacefully. the suspect is in custody. the two who is taps were left go and they are fine. we're going to stay on top of the situation. we have crews at the police department there at thearco gas station high above. we'll bring it to you on our ktvu news and can, we'll push updates on facebook and twitter as we get them. we'll see you back here at 5:00. she was 11. we talked to jamie lou and she loved to sing at the age nine. she has a musical family. dad sends us her most resent music video and this one she is performing the heart wants what
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it wants by selena gomez and it's an acoustic version. >> oh my god. i can't handle it. her voice is captivating. this one, you notice how much her voice has matured just in the last two years. she just turned 13. this song is now going to make its rounds on the internet and we have an update. i'm going to let jamie lou give us that update as she joins us via skype. you have pretty upcoming trip. you're headed to lassos angeles, right. >> yes, i am. >> what's happening? >> i'm suppose to be meeting some people. it's exciting. i'm young and it's going to be a great experience. >> we've noticed your voice has
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changed a little bit since last time we talked to you. how do you think you've changed? >> now that i just turned 13, obviously, it's gotten more into depth and undergoing usual voice changes. other than that, i think i've gotten more experience with singing and writing especially. >> your dad mentioned that some record labels had reached out. >> i've gotten some offers. i'm afraid i can't say anything more. it's very exciting. that's all i can say. >> how does that make you feel? >> it's amazing. i can't believe in two years it's happening. it's amazing. >> these boys ride the rails. the only question is place your bets and see where he is next. and this girl taking on the burrito challenge. five pounds. >> it's got tortilla rice
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it's not the length of the video that matters, it's the quality. i have two shorties that's going to blow your mind. who hasn't been tested by the mechanical bull right. >> the great thing about the video is it's daytime and the children are there. >> she seems to be doing pretty well. >> and that's a wrap. she face planted on the bull horn. this guy titles it drunken rail flight. >> this is 50/50. does he land on the grass or the stairs? >> i'm going grass. >> i'm saying he makes it to the bottom and doesn't land it.
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let's take a look. >> gomcome on girl. >> beth beth beth. >> he kind of makes it all the way to the end. he kind of falls on the ground. >> we all wind. >> recently one of our favorite food challenge guys wanted to recreate something he did in 2010 and that's eating the five pound burritozilla. >> this is actually my very first food challenge. >> it comes in a box. >> he said the first time he did it in 2010 it took him 15 minute minutes to eat the whole thing. this one just under two minutes. he has fans all over the world. i want you to take a look at this girl. >> we've recreated matt's five pound 18 inch burritozilla.
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>> this is? in new zealand. she got a five pound burrito created for her. she's thin but put this thing away. she says she couldn't do it as fast but she finished. look at this. she's more than halfway done here. >> i can't help but think she would be fun to have a dinner date with. sit down to a nice romantic dinner. >> he's got it all over the place. she stands up and she's able to put the whole thing away. how long did it take her? >> look at this. >> she's shoving those last bits in. she did it in under five minutes. >> nathan's hot dog needs to invite her to come across the pond and join the competition. >> let's be honest guys. the chances of us becoming a record holder in anything is
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they decided to face time. >> hello. >> what are you doing? >> i didn't mean to face time you. >> accidentally on purpose. >> what are you doing? >> you may notice there's someone next to it. >> oh my god, no. >> watch her eyes. she notices the movement in the bed. you see her eyes. >> at her expense. the prank didn't take her one day to get revenge.
3:51 pm
>> they're on their way home right now and i'm making them lunch. we're all going to have some sandwiches. >> rubbing it in the cat litter. >> i'm not going to give them that. i'm going to show them what i did aft they eat it. >> revenge. >> no. >> they quickly realize they're in trouble. >> at this point doesn't she know it's a prank. doesn't he know anything that seems off in their relationship is a prank. babies babies everywhere. a set of twins, two little girls. one little girl is asleep face down on the floor. she's sleeping so hard her sister crawling over her is not waking her up. the napping sister never wakes up. the crawling sister has a little
3:52 pm
trouble. >> ends up face planting. next video, cute little boy sitting in his high chair. mom and said say they got an ios upgrade on their son. just swiped them right across the forehead. if it doesn't work the first time sometimes with apple you have to swipe again. >> is this parent hypnotist? >> the last video all kinds of cute. ice cream and children. perfect together. this little 1-year-old thinks ice cream is hilarious. >> didn'ton't you wish you felt this
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credible trick shotter. i think he might be a good editor. >> is he human? >> there is a new twitter craze and for this one be scared. be very very very scared. >> i am scared. >> oh. charlie. >> now, this is the number one trend with a a #charliecharliechallenge world wide on twitter. >> these kids are finding a
3:57 pm
demon charlie by putting two pencils on a piece of paper with yes's and knows on it and then doing what you see in these videos. >> i want to play are you here? >> the idea you got to balance one pencil on top of the other and write yes/no yes/no. >> then when the pencil is balanced you have to summon charlie. it's charlie, charlie, are you here? are you guys ready? >> three, two, one. charlie, charlie, are you here? charlie, charlie, are you here? >> really? just blow on it.
3:58 pm
>> it's one second. it's charlie. if you get down close it's going to blow the pencil. >> charlie. >> the great part about it you wait until we're all finished and then. >> obviously, the queen. >> one more time. charlie, charlie, are you here? >> yes, he is. so is your other. >> yes. >> that's our show we'll see you for the next edition of right this minute. female announcer: through sunday it's posturepedic vs. beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years interest-free financing. mattress price wars ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] harvey: welcome to "tmz live." harvey levin here. charles: charles here. harvey: i love this video. our guy charlie saw kendrick lamar, huge rap star. charles: maybe the biggest right now, big, big spot at l.a.x. harvey: he sees him there he figures, ok, i'm going to talk to kendrick lamar. kendrick had some other things on his might. this is a great kind of turn about is fair play. charles: i arrived at l.a.x. prepared. he brought back up. harvey: he has fiv


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